Boulder for a day

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After Breckenridge, we stayed a night in Boulder and revisited some of our favorite places there.

Favorite Restaurants:
Pasta Jay's - Great American-style Italian food: everything is covered in cheese and baked individually. The open air brick building and traditional red checkered tablecloths make it seem like something out of a Disney movie.
The Original Pancake House - an unassuming old fashioned place with amazing variety of pancakes including my favorite: sourdough!
Dushanbe Tea House - See pictures above. My favorite place in Boulder, with a gorgeous building, wonderful tea, and perfect gingerbread.

Last trip we also loved:
The Kitchen - We didn't get to go there this trip ($$$$), but this place epitomizes what I like about Colorado/Oregon cuisine: fresh, organic, original, flavorful without being overpowering.
Salt - great fancy salads and buffalo burgers

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